BCORMA's Executive Director Peter Sprague awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award

We are pleased to announce that BCORMA's Executive Director Peter Sprague has been honoured with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for national trails leadership. He was nominated by the National Trails Coalition for his dedication to trails in BC and Canada.

Dedicated to sustainability, open access, and family enjoyment of Canada's diverse trails, Peter’s leadership has resulted in creation and environmental improvements of numerous world-class off-road motorcycle trail networks across British Columbia.  Now riders and their families enjoy what trails are all about: healthy lifestyles, enjoying Canada's outdoor beauty, and spending time with each other.

"I'm honoured, and will continue to work for BC's trail networks to be the best in the world.  We have a deep history of trails, and they are vital to our community and citizens' well-being.  I invite everyone to get out and enjoy them, whether a rider, walker, hiker, mountaineer, runner, an equestrian, from BC, or visiting BC for our 1000s of KM of trails.  As one of hundreds of trails stewards across BC, we devote our time to this for everyone to enjoy. 

For 2013, BCORMA is expanding our Ride School to include classes for beginners with no equipment.  This program will be under the MSF curriculum with partnership from all the major manufacturers.  Our biggest initiative is to work with the BC Provincial trail federations to build a trans-provincial trails network for all users.  The goal is for families and others to be able to tour across BC on their off-road motorcycle, horse, quad, bike or a mix, enjoying our historic resource communities and incredible vistas.  A weekend or a lifetime adventure.

Get out there - Spring is coming and it promises to be another great year for BC's trails. See you out there."