BC Government's coming changes to Resource/Forestry Road Laws

Kamloops January 18th: Backcountry Horseman of BC sponsored "Share the Trails" workshop.

As many of you know, the BC Provincial Government is working on changing laws that pertain to Forestry/Resource Roads and their use.  The Natural Resource Road Act (NRRA) is wide ranging, and will effect recreationalists accessing trails and much of our trail networks that are often built on old road-base. 

Don Gosnell, Project Manager, has provided a summary paper on the areas that pertain to recreation.  Give his Overview of Current Policy Thinking for Recreationlists a read (follow the hyperlink or download below)

BCORMA and ATVBC have been recreation's voice for developing this new legislation for over a year now.  We view much of the changes as positive, but would like your feedback as the Government moves into the actual drafting of legislation. Look forward to your comments and ideas in our NRRA forum.

Keeping off-road riders in the loop.