Tansky Main guide and trail ethos

This area is developing into great technical XC area. Expect 8 -18km/hr avg if you are good. Don't expect speed and big sweeping corners. This is VI at its best. Expect a great time, where your time is measured in smiles "I did that", not racking up mileage.

All around there are major logging road arteries that lead for 20 - 100 km, giving the area a nice blend of cruise and technical. If you are interested in linking together a route for your outing, call Ken at KenCo Motorcycles, Sooke (250-642-3924). He can provide you with Dual-sport, enduro, XC trials loops to enjoy the area. She is a beauty.

The main trails are dual-sport friendly. Watch for the rocky creek crossings and entrances, some can bite if you are asleep. Above all, enjoy this fine old planet, and don't forget to smile. And buy the trail-builders a beer next time. They put their heart into this for you to enjoy.

Notice to Non-Offroad Motorcycle Users

This area is managed by the Victoria Motorcycles Club with permission from the BC Provincial government for off-road motorcycle use. The trails are primarily single-track, with a few of the main skid roads usable by quads. If you can't negotiate the trails because your vehicle width, do not open the single track into a double track. This ruins the trails for their intended use. We have intentionally tried to keep the wider skid roads narrow and flowing side to side to keep the speeds down and interest up. Don't remake them into rifle barrels.

4WDs: This area really has no good 4Wheeling. The terrain is mostly rolling, with very little rock. Please do not trash the trails trying to make it into what it isn't. If you have any questions about where else to explore with your 4 wheel drive, please email Andy James (VMC member and 4WD enthusiast). He has many areas to suggest for great 4Wheeling.

Notice to Trail Builders

If you would like to build off-road motorcycle trails here, please consult with the VMC XC Committee or discuss it with Ken at KenCo Motorcycles, Sooke (250-642-3924). We have the responsibility to be good land stewards of the area.

The Tansky Trail Maps are available to BCORMA Trail Pass holders once they log-in to the site.

Buy your BCORMA Trail Pass for $30/yr from the Victoria Motorcycle Club or KenCo in Sooke to support the trails here.