CORMC trail dos & don'ts

Note: RCMP FSR patrol is active for 2010 riding season, and will be spot checking all OHVs travelling on FSRs in the Fraser Valley (and across BC) for proof of 3 legal requirements to ride on Forest Service Roads in BC: 

  1. A driver's license (Class 5 or car only OK) is required. Yes, this means children under 16 or without drivers license cannot legally ride FSRs currently. Fine amount unknown.
  2. Helmets are required. Fine amount unknown. Will probably include immediate seizure of OHV.
  3. 3rd party liability insurance (comes with BCORMA Platinum Insured Trail Pass - see Trail Pass tab on home page). Fines start at $345 for no liability insurance.

By following these "Do's & Don'ts", you will help make Vedder trails better for everyone, & continue to keep our riding area open & sustainable:

  • Vedder Mountain is mainly an Intermediate to Expert level motorcycle riding area. Even "Easiest" trails can be difficult. Please don't take kids on small wheel bikes, or Beginners on single track trails unless marked EASIEST, they will not have fun and will end up severely damaging trails, which requires hours of repair. Stay on Double-track/ATV OK trails only (i.e. Tower Road etc).
  • NO BUSHWHACKING! Stay on designated trails and use marked entrances & exits only.
  • Always keep good condition tires (especially Rear) with good knobbies to avoid spinning on hills & trail drilling/rutting. NO WORN OR BALD TIRES ALLOWED PLEASE!. 
  • Check your exhaust is 94 dB or less: noise is our worst enemy, and shuts down riding areas. Test your bike at a PNWMA race or trail ride. NOISY BIKES ARE NOT WELCOME AT ANY RIDING AREA.
  • Ride the sides of the trail! We encourage riders to ROOST the sides of the trails, it improve lines and reduces trail maintenance. Ride faster to become a better rider, reduce trail maintenance and HAVE MORE FUN.
  • Throw dead branches, trees & rocks off the center of trails IN ALL RIDING AREAS. Step up and help with trail maintenance, it all is appreciated by the clubs & trailbuilders! :)
  • Cut fallen trees across trails out with a handsaw or chainsaw min 3 ft back from the trail edges to avoid rider injuries. DO NOT CUT OUT QUAD BLOCKER TREES AT BEGINNING & ENDS OF TRAILS.
  • HAVE FUN!  Respect & wave to other trail users (mountain bikers, ATVs, hikers & horseriders). No yahoos please!
  • Join CORMC & VMTA to support the volunteers & professionals that build and maintain this world class trail system. Check out the VMTA website at for current news, lost & found, trail conditions etc.
  • Get your BCORMA Trail Pass to support building & maintaining the trails, staging areas, trail signs, and maps, and the Platinum Insured Pass to legally ride FSRs.
  • Race the PNWMA Off-Road series to become a better rider, ride all of the best trails & to discover other riding areas in BC, become more physically fit and have a higher endurance level for longer, more enjoyable rides.