BCORMA October 2012 Newsletter: Duffy Lake, Kamloops; KTM; Squamish Ride School and more

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Still some great riding to be had before our Canadian Winter finally sets in.  Getting towards late Fall, with the snow starting up at higher elevations and rain on the Coast.  After the driness of the late summer/early Fall it is almost welcome. 

Lots going on in BC over the summer. Features:

  • Main feature is provided by Kent Antoniak, RPF, of the GKMA. Kamloops has one of the largest, if not the largest, managed ORM trail network in BC.  Kent talks about how they are collaborating with the Provincial Government to make it one of the premier places to ride in BC.
  • Update on KTM support program.  KTM gave $10 to BCORMA for every rider who visited their KTM dealer last Spring.  We had the best turn-out of all of Canada, and will be putting $2,000 from KTM into our BCORMA Trail Stewardship account for increased stewardship education and support.
  • First Annual BC PowerSports Show, held this October
  • Squamish Ride Schools - giving riders a full day of top notch instruction.  A go for 2013.  Make sure you sign up early to get a spot.
  • And much more.

We are quite happy to have Wally volunteer his editor skills to highlight all the great riding and off-road motorcycling news from around BC. If you have a story to provide Wally, he is always looking. Got something from your corner of the world, let the rest of us know what is happening there.

Send it to Wally at: Wally Klammer <wklammer@dccnet.com>   His goal is to whet your appetites to go and visit new places across BC to ride and camp next season. We have incredible riding across this Province, get out there and enjoy it.


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