Directions to Parking Areas on Vedder Mtn

Vedder Mountain located south of Chilliwack, and is approx 1 hour east of Vancouver, or 30 min east of the Sumas border crossing. Parking is located on the East end of Parmenter/Vedder Mtn FSR, with old West side parking closed due to private land access issues .

Directions from Vancouver / Sumas WA to East side parking (above Cultus Lake):

Head east on Hwy 1, take No. 3 Road exit, drive east through Yarrow. Keep heading east along Vedder Mtn Road, turn right onto Cultus Lake Hwy (at signal). Approx 2.5 km from light, turn right onto wide paved road (Parmenter FSR). Head up road exactly 1 km to motorycycle parking area (the first pit with the withe Motorcycle Etiquette Sign). Lots of room for trailers. Park and start riding up the main road or trail, please don't ride down the road towards the lake as it disturbs local residents. Trails start at the first pit.

Directions from Vancouver / Sumas WA to West side parking (above Yarrow):

West side parking is now closed due to land owner liability concerns.  Please do not access Vedder via the west side.  All public dirt bike access is via the Cultus Lake side.

Do not park here.  BCORMA and VMTA will post a news release if this parking becomes open again.  Till then, stay out

Head east on Hwy 1, take Exit 99 to Rest Area, turn right at stop sign, drive approx 1 km & turn left onto Campbell Road. Drive approx 7 km, go straight at 4-way stop sign, road has sharp corner at bottom of mountain, go along bottom of mountain 1/2 km, turn right on Old Yale Road uphill, watch for trains at crossing, approx 1/2 km there is a gravel road on the right-hand side (with concrete blocks stacked on both sides).  Head up gravel road 1/2 km to motorcycle parking area, park along sides of road. DO NOT RIDE OR PARK IN PIT AREA, THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY SO PLEASE RESPECT IT. Ride up the FSR for 5 km, avoid the Horse trails. Hang-glider lookout above, great views of the Fraser Valley, right to the Pacific Ocean on a clear day.


Note: RCMP FSR patrol is active for 2016 riding season, and will be spot checking all OHVs travelling on FSRs in the Fraser Valley (and across BC) for proof of 3 legal requirements to ride on FSRs in BC

      1. 3rd party liability insurance (comes with BCORMA Platinum Insured Trail Pass - see Trail Pass tab on home page). Fines start at $345 for no liability insurance only.

      2. driver's license (Class 5 or car only OK). Yes, this means children under 16 or without drivers license cannot legally ride FSRs currently. Fine amount unknown.

      3. helmet. Fine amount unknown. Will probably include immediate seizure of OHV.

Make sure that your bike is also registered under the ORV Act.