Chipmunk Creek



Chipmunk Creek is south of Chilliwack, located in the Chilliwack River Valley. This riding area is in a steep, mountainous section of the coastal rain forest. Bring wet weather gear and a well prepared bike. You will ride tight single track through dirt & rocky trails cut through mixed forests of fir, hemlock, cedar and maple. There are shady sections covered with lush ferns and moss, open areas of salal and huckleberry, mountaintop sections with stunted firs, wild roses and alpine flowers. Rock features, scenic views and waterfalls are around every corner. Signs of deer, bear, beaver, grouse and other wildlife are everywhere. This is one beautiful corner of the world. Visit responsibly. We like to keep it that way. You will ride through several recent clearcuts, which are not so pretty. While you enjoy the trails, check out the views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. With replanting and the rapid natural re-growth of bushes and deciduous trees, the forest walls will return in a few years. We will still be riding here when that happens.

Directions from Vancouver / Sumas WA:

Head east on Hwy 1. Take Exit 119A south at Chilliwack onto Vedder Road. Drive south on Vedder Road approx 8 km  through Vedder Crossing, and turn left onto Chilliwack Lake Road (before the steel bridge) towards Chilliwack Lake. After 25 km, turn left off the blacktop onto the Chipmunk Creek/Foley Lake FSR. Follow signs 4.3km to Chipmunk Creek Recreation Site, or 6km to the Rapids Recreation Site.


Both Chipmunk Creek & Rapids recreation sites (directly across from the trails) are professionally managed, have a full-time supervisor, and have over 20 campsites set among tall cedars and firs, with tables, gravel pads, toilets and bearproof trash containers. They are open from the May Long Weekend until the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.  Chipmunk Creek is also open for the Easter long weekend. The Rapids has a beginner loop suitable for kids on minibikes and an additional Day Parking Area on the Bench Road.

Most recreation sites are on a first come first served basis. However, Rapids is part of a pilot reservation project. For reservations please call M.G.C. CAMPSITE MANAGEMENT INC Mon-Wed 6-9pm at (604)858-0020. This is a CASH only site. All visitors are required to exit the site by 10:30 pm, unless otherwise posted. Gates are locked at 11:00 pm and will remain closed until 7:00 am.

Trail Access

Trails can be accessed from both campsites, the Day Parking Area/Race Start Area (off Thurston FSR), or the gravel pit at the junction of Chipmunk FSR and the Bench Road.

Trail System

As of February 2010, there are about 60 km of single track trails and deactivated logging roads available for dirt bikes. The majority of these include rocky and steep sections, suitable for intermediate level riders and up. Less experienced riders can hone their skills on trails marked Novice.

Some trails are open to Technical ATV’ers looking for a challenge, although most are too narrow.

In summer and fall, there are about 40 km of higher elevation trails and rugged FSRs, suitable for Dual Sport and legal & insured Off-Road Vehicles, which form a loop [easiest ridden up Chipmunk FSR, along the ridge (with views down the Fraser Valley to the Pacific Ocean, back down on Thurston FSR (caution: steep sections)].  Spectacular views reward those who take on the Thurston FSR - Chipmunk FSR loop on a sunny day. A challenging option for dual sport bikes is the side trip down the face of Mt Cheam to Bridal Falls for lunch and gas, for those who don't mind riding a narrow trail along a steep bank with a 500+ foot embankment on the lower side!

In 2010, we created the Bear Cub beginner & kids loop to give beginners and kids a specific limited access trail that can be ridden with parents. It is located at the east end of the Rapids Rec Site, and has two marked entrances (with the kiosks shown below, each with trail rules and a trail map) accessible only from the Rapids site loop road.



Trail Management

The Great Vancouver Motorcycle Club is the trail steward of this area. The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club (GVMC) has been involved in off-road riding in this area since the 1970’s. In the mid 1980’s, the Ministry of Forests and the BC Motorcycle Federation established the Chipmunk Creek Recreation Site, which was intended as a start area for dirt bikes to access the developing trail system. Over the years, the GVMC and other enthusiasts have been building and maintaining trails under guidelines from the MOF. BCORMA and MoTCA (Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts) were instrumental in building the new Rapids Recreation Site, as well as providing trail signage and access improvements. The GVMC are considered the stewards of the Chipmunk Creek Riding Area, while the campsites will be managed by private contractors under MoTCA.

Piston Run Hare Scrambles

Since 1987, Chipmunk Creek has been the site of the GVMC’s classic off-road race, which dates back to at least 1949. Father's Day 2010 was the 60th Annual Race! Check the GVMC website for details. Trail riders are welcome to sign up, as there is a class for everyone. However, be advised that most of the trails will be closed to non-competitors  during race day, for safety reasons.

GVMC greatly appreciates every single volunteer effort to help keep trails clear. Always carry a handsaw, cut out face-slappers well back from the trail, cut out or throw off small trees that blow down.

The Chipmunk Creek Trail Maps are available to  once you log-in to the site. Buy your BCORMA Trail Pass from the GVMC, or click "Chipmunk Creek" as your preferred riding area when buying your BCORMA Trail Pass online at the BCORMA Store to support the trails here.



I was wondering if you can camp on october 5&6. Also what are the age requirments to check into a camping spot?