Nickel Mine, Hope

Closed until further notice due to road washout and logging truck driver death!  Through much hard work by Fraser Valley Dirt Riders Association, Nickle Mine is back open for public recreation.  Support them with a membership and a BCORMA Trail Supporter check-off.

The Hope Nickel Mine has been a riding area enjoyed by motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts since the 1960's. The area is populated with many decommissioned forestry service, hydro access roads, and abandoned mining roads. Along with the roads there are approximately 100 kilometers of trails maintained by FVDRA volunteers, with many more overgrown trails being recovered through the efforts of the FVDRA and BCORMA.

The area has been enjoyed by riders from all over the world, anyone from first time trail riders to experts can enjoy countless hours of exploring and fun trails. The area is frequented by families and friends who want to enjoy a relaxed ride taking in the fantastic experience of off road riding which British Columbia has to offer. The Fraser Valley Dirt Riders Association (FVDRA) maintains a campsite for the club with the permission of Barrick Mines on the old tailings pond. This campsite is free for all members. The area has other locations to camp, as well as designated areas to off load your bikes and ATVs for day riding.

The main area (which is known as the family riding area or Central Valley) is located between Stulawhits (Texas) Creek and Emery Creek along the BC Power Line corridor. Beginner riders can start off on the large flat areas adjacent to the campsite, develop their skills on the mini MX track, and graduate to the designated trails and along the decommissioned roads, as they gain confidence and experience. This concentration of roads and forested trails is aptly tagged as the best Family orientated off road riding area in BC. The trail system surrounding the Central Valley has countless routes for the more adventurous rider. There are many long loops through the forested hills and valleys, with places to stop and take in the fantastic scenery of British Columbia.

Riding Season:

The camping & lower riding area is usually completely snow free from June to the end of October. The mild weather of 2010 has allowed riding in February with snow at the higher elevations For more information visit:

Directions to Nickel Mine Riding Area:

Head North on Hwy 1 out of Hope  for about 12 km.  Turn Left onto BC Nickel Mine Road (immediately after Texas Creek, if you drive past the Husky gas station you have gone too far!). Keep following the Nickel Mine Road until it turns to gravel. Follow the gravel road up the hill until you get to a 2 way fork in the road. 

* Fork to the right, Road # 1: Newly improved high road *

Stay right and that road will take you to the riding area. If towing a trailer you should have 4X4,. If you have a trailer and don't have 4WD, it is recommended to gun it before the bottom of the hill to build up speed, or park at the bottom on Road #2 (which is closed due to slide).

* Fork to the left, Road # 2: (Closed due to slide) * This road is now closed but allows you to unload for day riding even though the other road has a better off loading area. NOTE: If you unload here PLEASE DO NOT RIDE DOWN THE ROAD so you do not disturb the neighbours.

If you wish to find out more information about accessing this area please contact the FVDRA  at

FVDRA greatly appreciates every single volunteer effort to help keep trails clear. Always carry a handsaw, cut out face-slappers well back from the trail, cut out or throw off small trees that blow down.

The Nickel Mine Trail Maps are available to BCORMA Trail Pass holders once they log-in to the site. Buy your BCORMA Trail Pass for $30/yr from the FVDRA, or click "Nickel Mine" as your preferred riding area when buying your BCORMA Trail Pass at to support the trails here.

To contribute updates to the BCORMA Ride Guide, or on current conditions please contact BCORMA.