Trans Canada Trail (TCT) & Kettle Valley Railway

The Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is a mixture of mixed-use and non-motorized trail that connects from Coast to Coast across Canada. In most provinces in Canada the TCT is mainly (or only) mixed-use, open for responsible motorcycle, ATV & snowmobile use.

BCORMA is working with ATVBC to keep the KVR open to motorized users, as it is a critical connection corridor between many communities and their recreational riding areas outside of the towns. Although the BC section of the TCT is unofficially regarded as & proposed by some groups to government to make it non-motorized, it currently is mixed-use designated in most sections, and open to ORV recreational use, like all trails on Crown Land in BC that are not legally closed to specific user groups.

A lot of the TCT in BC includes the old Kettle Valley Railway (KVR). The Myra Canyon section of the KVR in Kelowna (and other urban sections) are considered by BCORMA and other motorized groups as unacceptable for motorized use, due to high pedestrian & bicycle traffic, and Park designation (where applicable). We ask that all responsible riders do not use these sections, use your best judgment and do not tarnish the reputation of motorcyclists in general. Always slow when passing other recreational users & wave to improve our image. Stopping & talking (always remove your helmet first!) is good etiquette wherever you ride.

The best sections of the TCT/KVR for dualsport, motorcycle and ATV use are between Hope to Castlegar.

West section: Hope to Princeton

Starting at Shylock Hill (on Hwy 5 just north of Hope), riding up the Coquihalla canyon is one of the most spectacular views in BC, with original trail tunnels crushed by giant boulders, and ancient steel bridges draped over waterfall succumbing to the effects of corrosion. The KVR continues on through the old rail town of Brookmere, to Tulameen and finally into Princeton, the site of the 2010 ATVBC Jamboree.

Central section: Princeton to Kelowna

Leaving Princeton, the KVR continues eastwards into Summerland (just south of Kelowna). Please do not ride the Myra Canyon section in Kelowna, rent a mountain bike to fully enjoy this section responsibly, and show people that motorcyclists can ride bicycles too!

East section: Kelowna to Castlegar

This is the longest section of the KVR. The KVR heads southeast from Kelowna into the historic mining towns of Beaverdell, Rock Creek, Midway (home of the KVR museum), through Greenwood & Grand Forks to Castlegar, where the KVR ends. Please check for current trail status.

To contribute updates to the BCORMA Ride Guide, or on current conditions please contact BCORMA.


KVR Update spring 2014? Washout N.E. of Christina Lake?

Hi everyone,

We are planning to ride the KVR next weekend (May long). The August access update from Peter was a great planning aid. Thank you. 

Does anyone know if the washout NE of Christina Lake is repaired or passable? There is a video of it on youtube that makes it look like a bad idea on big DS machines. 

Have any other issues crept up during the past winter?

Thank  you for your help.


Latest situation on KVR from Terry Wardrop & Peter

Peter cc’ed me his response in case some more information was needed and there is in order for your trip to be successful.

The Columbia and Western Rail Bed extends east from there to Castlegar. About halfway is a slide and a narrow bridge at Laferty. Being on a Motorcycle this will not be a problem. You can expect various signs etc that state the route is none motorized but these are put up by mainly the cycling sector and are not enforceable by law. This particular section has been plagued by slides and washouts so expect some blockages. I have not heard of any major ones from our riders but be prepared. Grand Forks has restricted motorized traffic and this is the only restrictions on the C&W I am aware of.

The KVR which runs from Grand Forks to Hope has a different set of issues.

  • Aside from local concerns it is open from Grand Forks to the border of the Myra Canyon Provincial Park. This is where all the Myra Canyon Trestles are and this portion of the trail is definitely non-motorized. You will have to drop off the KVR at McCulloch and make you way to Chute Lake. From there you can make your way down to Naramata. This route is still open as the final plan has not yet been approved nor have the alternative routes been identified on the ground. Once this is done then portions of this section will be formally declared non-motorized.
  • The route from Naramata to Summerland is non-motorized.Pick up the KVR at Faulder West of Summerland and you can then travel through to Princeton.
  • Princeton section is non-motorized and suggest you get to Coalmount and there you can get back on the KVR. Expect some non-motorized opposition in this section mainly around Faulder.
  • The community of Osprey Lake is very motorized friendly and only get upset when you go too fast and make dust. This goes for all the small communities along the Rails Trails.
  • You can then get to Larson Hill along the Coquihalla Highway. The route then become obscured from there to Hope with bits and pieces still existing after the construction of the highway. You have to watch for the Othello Provincial Park which is totally non motorized.

Good luck on your trip.

Be aware that this whole route is under contention and while the Government tries to advocate it being a non-motorised route and it is a designated recreational trail, it is not illegal to use motorized vehicles. We are currently negotiating with Government and TrailsBC, a cycling coalition, on which portions are to be shared, or to be designated non-motorized. This process also includes affected communities along the route. While it is still open, we strongly suggest that a rider respect the non motorized users and if confronted do not get into it as it will come back to the sport in general.


T. J. (Terry) Wardrop

Land & Environment Coordinator
Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia
Home Office: 250-376- 6688
Cellular: 250-819-7145
Main Office: 250-554-7823

To: Elmore, John
Subject: Re: Request for Information on KVR

The guys from Dual Sport BC and ATVBC would have the most current information.

The only points I am aware of that are legally closed to responsible motorized travel are:

  • A section from Grand Falls east to Christina Lake. There is an alternate route for motorized traffic. That section was closed in agreement with the motorized community due to being paved for bicycles.
  • The section that goes through the Park above Naramata and includes the rebuilt Trestles
  • Alternative motorized/non-motorized routing between Park and Naramata going West. Let me know how those routes worked for you. Worked with the Province and local government to design them.
  • Naramata through Penticton. Easy ride around for DS, and not missing anything.
  • Area around Princeton can be quite contentious. Were looking at alternate routing, but nothing official yet.
  • Narrow bridge west of Princeton/Tullimen that was built for narrow for non-motorized traffic by the TCT folks. I think DS do use it, and the bollards have been chopped out by unknown parties. Quaders have made an alternate route.

Will let Terry from the ATVBC and/or DSBC reps fill in what I have missed.

Supposed to be a great ride. Especially from Castlegar west to Christoper Lake. Its quite remote, even by BC standards, so please be prepared and self-sufficient.

Please watch for other users, be polite, and don't dust others out, especially around Princeton area. Best to stop and shut off your motor if you meet horses.

If you want to send me a few pictures and paragraphs on your adventures, I can post them on our website.

Have Fun!

Peter Sprague, MSc.
Executive Director
BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association

Elmore, John wrote:


As a matter of introduction, My name is John Elmore and my riding buddy is Kjell Lundberg. We would like to ride the KVR from Castlegar to Hope. We are planning to arrive in Castlegar on the 3rd of August.
I am interested in finding details about exit and reentry points on the KVR due to non motorized use. Do you know if there are GPS coordinates posted that detail entry and exit points or alternatively, a list of segments that are non motorized?


John Elmore

Kettle Valley Railway

I'm going to ride parts of the T-CAT leaving today. I've got the T-CAT loaded in my GPS. Is some of the KVR already included in this route or is it completely different? Thanks for your time! Cheers!

TCT ride?

How did your ride go?

Yes, the KVR forms part of the TCT in BC.