What do you intend to do with the money that each rider provides when they purchase a BCORMA Trail Pass?

A: The BCORMA Trail Pass is $45 for a Bronze, $60 for a Platinum per year, with 66% going right back to the local trail stewards that sold the trail pass for trail stewardship activities. Stewardship funds have been spent on mixed-use ATV friendly trails, off-road motorcycle single-track, staging areas, trail signage, mapping, staging area development, bridging, and general trail maintenance. In 2009/10, BCORMA used National Trails Coalition funding to maintain and build 100s of kilometers of summer-motorized trails across British Columbia.  Under our MOU with ATVBC, we work closely to provide quality trail riding experiences for all riders, quads and dirt bikes.

Funded trail stewards are expectedl work with BCORMA to come up with projects that industry and Governments want to also fund, leveraging the funds so we can get lots done on the ground. As an example from this past year, Mike Peters has contributed signage stakes and kiosks at Vedder Mountain, BCORMA accessed $4,000 from COHV for the actual signs, and the Vedder Mountain Trails Association & CORMC are donating $11,000 of volunteer time to sign trails on the whole mountain. This will include some hiking only trails for goodwill and environmental reasons. The Government and COHV are increasingly requiring funding partnerships for the trail funds that they will contribute.

It also shows that, as riders, we are serious about our trails, and are making a financial commitment to them. With the increased requirements for environmentally sustainable trails, will come the need for capital and professional expertise to build and maintain these trails. Thats takes cold hard cash.

33% will go towards BCORMA's continued sourcing of funds for trail stewardship, and most importantly, representing our interests with the Government on a myriad number of policy and legislative changes that will effect where and how we ride. These items include Events Registration, Insurance and Licensing, use of Forest Service Roads, insurance requirements, forming & implementing the Provincial Trails Strategy, etc. There are a whole slew of other recreational and industry Crown land users that have their perspective on how the lands & trails should be managed. Its the old thing of leading or be lead.