Register BCORMA Trail Passes sold by club

The purpose of this page is to guide club BCORMA Trail Pass adminstrators to input all the trail pass purchaser information into BCORMA's central database.

This is important so BCORMA can provide them with current news, updates to the trail pass program, and keep the riding community connected.


  1. Sign in to BCORMA website (you are if you are accessing this page)
  2. Collect up your rider information
    • Most important is name, email address, and trail pass #
  3. Go to User Search to input information for everyone that is already registered on the site.
    1. Use last name or email to search if they are in database
    2. If in database,
      1. click on their name/email that appears to go to their account
      2. click "Edit"
      3. go to "BCORMA Trail Pass information"
      4. fill in the fields
        • add yr to the end of trail pass number (example: #4515-2012)
        • Don't check off year bought on-line
        • Duplicate information entry is provided as a cross-check on trail pass number validation
    3. Repeat until all the trail pass purchasers left are not already registered in the database.
    4. Will now need to create an on-line account for each new trail pass holder and input their profile information as above
      1. Go to Administrator User Create
      2. Give them a user name using their first & last name as one word.  Example:  PeterSprague
      3. Give them as temporary password: first name ! last name dot 2102  Example: Peter!Sprague.2102
      4. Insert their email address
        1. Has to be unique for each site user
        2. If only one email is provided for a family, put each trail pass # with their first name together in the field box.  Example:  Phil: #3456-2012, Cathy: #3457-2012 on the same line.  Don't do this except in cases where there is no other option.
      5. Make sure status is active
      6. Don't touch the roles
      7. Fill in all the information you can.  All fields with red stars have to have something, even a ??.
        1. Input their club affiliation only if they are an actual current paid member.
        2. Fill in the place to spend the trail stewardship funds as the selling club's stewardship area.  Example:  GVMC & Chipmunk Creek Trail Builders => Chipmunk Creek
      8. "Save"
    5. Now you have to go back in as a Trail Pass administrator and fill in extra fields of user as above
      1. Click on their User name
      2. Add trail pass # in the administrator only field
      3. Add year of trail pass
      4. Other blank fields you have information for
      5. "Save"
    6. Repeat 4.1 until all new club trail pass purchasers are input.
    7. Thanks for all your effort.
    8. Questions, email or call Peter 250-412-3444