Southern Vancouver Island Riding Areas

Tansky Main is the only open legal area to ride on the southern end of the Island. The rest of the riding is on mostly private timber lands of TimberWest and Western Forest Products. TimberWest does not want riders on their lands period. BCORMA and the Victoria Motorcycle Club are working on developing a Land Access Agreement with them, but until then you are on your own if you ride on TW land.

If you are parking along the highway at Boyds Pit, don't ride on the road period. NO GOON RIDING. The RCMP have said if we keep it quiet and off the road, then they are fine with OHVers parking along the highway. WFP have been more accommodating of trail users on their lands. While they are still officially closed, with respect for their logging operations, other users, and the environment, we can unofficially ride there. Pit riding, silting streams, spooking horses, and other nonsense will get us kicked out. Don't be that knob.

Any questions, contact the Victoria Motorcycle Club.

For additional information, see the Juan de Fuca Enduro Riders unofficial ride guide to Southern Vancouver Island.

The Tansky Trail Maps are available once you log-in to the site. Buy your BCORMA Trail Pass for $45/yr on-line, from the Victoria Motorcycle Club or KenCo in Sooke to support the trails here.