First BCORMA Ride School and Fun Ride weekend of the season coming up!

First BCORMA Ride School and Fun Ride weekend of the season coming up!

The weekend of April/15th is BCORMA's Rider School and Recreational Trail Ride weekend at Ok Falls, north of Osoyoos, BC.

For 2012, BCORMA is providing Provincial Rider Schools to provide riders with more skills and enjoyment for off-road motorcycling. Mike Fetter and Crew will be giving years of hard learned skills to all levels of riders in these clinics. Past clinics include kids, so please feel welcome if you are younger, or struggling novice. These classes are just what you need to become a more capable rider.

First 2012 clinic is scheduled for April/15th at OK Falls, with SODBC Creaky Bones Fun Ride to follow on Sunday. Mike Fetterer and his crew will be training kids, beginners, and novice riders in the morning, and Intermediates and up riders in the afternoon, amping up your skills and preparing riders for the A & B loops of the SODBC's Creeky Bones Fun Ride on Sunday.

Pre-registration will be through the BCORMA Store, with a discount for BCORMA Trail Pass holders.  Bring a copy of your paid invoice to school registration.

There is a limit of ~20 students per morning and afternoon class to make sure everyone gets enough personal training attention. Everyone is invited to the Creaky Bones Fun Ride.  Pre-register for the Creeky Bones which includes a BCORMA Trail Pass and get your $15 discount for being a trail pass holder.

Any questions, post in the forum under Rider Schools: (Register on the site to access the forums, no trail pass required).

For more details and directions, click on the poster thumbnail image to enlarge.

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