Discussion Paper ~ Questions and my two cents ....

I read through the discussion paper tonight and spent the majority of time thinking "what do they mean by 'to mitigate unacceptable environmental impacts?'" Which stakeholder is responsible for governing what is acceptable and what is not acceptable?

What do they even mean by "environmental impacts?" This appears to be a very broad statement!

I see another "California" situation developing with this paper where environmental groups band together to apply pressure for closure. We need to create a united voice on this one or we are going to loose out.

Just my two cents ...



Changes to Resource Road Act

Great point's , so many loop-holes.

As a " new " member of BCORMA  . Just being a member add's to the number's ,of people who love the outdoor's on there dirt bikes. With out the rider's riding and clearing trail's ,soon become over grown than lost.

just my $1.98