Support your trails: 2012 BCORMA Platinum - Insured and Bronze Trail Passes are now available

BCORMA's 2012 Trail Passes are now available.  Cost is the same as last year, and make sure you will continue to have great places and trails to ride.  Keep "Little Johnny" riding.  Support your trails.

Get a 2012 Trail Pass today at our BCORMA Store or at your local BCORMA club event.

Purchases of BCORMA 2011 Trail Passes supported any number of trail projects across BC. Bridge re-building, trail signage, parking lot graveling, fixing root steps, Club trail project days, creating new sustainable trail, and repairing access roads.

2012 Trail Passes fund volunteer trail stewards' shovels, saws, gas; trail signs, maps; and BCORMA's fight to ride.

All funds stay in the dirt bike community.


2012 Platinum - Insured Trail Passes - 3rd party insurance coverage, no matter what machine you are riding that day.  Oasis has agreed to provide $1 million 3rd party insurance for the rest of 2011 and 2012 for the price of one year. Included is our Platinum Trail Pass that puts more funds back into our trails.

Need more information?

Give Peter, our Executive Director, a call or email us.
@ (250) 412-3444