Personal lessons

If someone can't make it to a Riders Clinic is it possible to book private lessons with someone in the Lower Mainland? I am sure I would benefit from some personalized coaching and bike set up from a professional and I would be willing to pay for it. I try to ride as much as possible and I always challenge myself, but often I am not sure if I am using the proper technique or any technique at all, and I am guessing with my suspension set-up.

Any suggestons would be helpful and appreciated.




Dualsport Training schools

Dualsport Training schools learn to ride the dirt.

The course is geared for the offroad part of dualsporting.

Location: Hope, Squamish or Chilliwack.

Equipment : Brand new Beta 400's and 450.
Helmet communicators .
Lunch provided, bring your own gear or we can provide some .

Cost: $350 day.

Description : Leave 5thgear motorsports at 7am , will be riding all day on some of BC's best trails.Ride a Beta that has been professionally set up for trails very easy bike to ride . Learn how to cross logs , down hills , up hills, side hills , body positioning, water crossings, getting unstuck , how to avoid getting stuck and manouvering threw or over rocks of all sizes.

Designing course around your needs and skill level. Quaranteed by the end of the day your confidence level and skills will be way higher. Those scary marble rocky downhills will be something you look forward to.

Days : Tues and Wednesdays , 2 students per day.

Contact ; Easiest : Shop : Tues through Friday 10 to 5 , or Sat 9 to 4 . 604 244 7666

Using trails for business

I sincerely hope you are providing your students with BCORMA Trail Passes as part of their fees to assist the trail stewards.  Are you actively contributing to the repair and maintenance of the trails you use? 

Its great to have active teaching of off-road skills, just don't commercially benefit from someone else's hard work without contributing back.  Same thing goes on in the mountain bike community with trails being thrashed by commercial interests, and they are not too pleased about it.  Someone built and maintains those trails, usually volunteer.