Lava Flow Riding Area, Squamish

Guide to the “Lava Flow” Riding area:


There are 2 main drive in access points to describe, the first is from the North side of the “Lava Flow”, proceed past “Quest University” on “Diamond Head Road” for 2.2 km’s (This is a public road, no riding unless you and your ORV are licensed for the road).

  • Turn off at the first right spur road, park here. You are now at the lower trailhead of the “Ring Creek Rip” Trail.
  • The South access point begins at the corner of Highway 99 immediately south of the Stawamus River Bridge, turn east, follow the Mamquam Forest Service Road for 3 km’s,
  • At the junction of “Powerhouse Road” many people park and unload,
  • However, if you do not have a “BCORMA Platinum Trail Pass”, turn left, proceed 1 km further, park & unload before the yellow gate, out of the way.
  • From here riders may proceed downhill to the right past the “No Trespassing” sign SLOWLY, cross the “Mamquam River” above the canyon and powerhouse, proceed uphill to the right, once in the clearing under the hydro lines you have reached the trailhead for the “Cookhouse Connector”.
  • One other access to the “Lava Flow” is by continuing on the “Mamquam Forest Service Road” until it crosses the Mamquam River at “9 mile crossing”, from here, turn left, ride up the deactivated Forest road, approx. 1.5 km’s to the upper trailhead of the “Ring Creek Rip” Trail.

Trail Access:

Please note that this riding area consists of multi-use trails, expect to see walkers, many mountain bikers and other dirt bikes. Some of these trails are closed for motorized use, such as the “Powerhouse Plunge” and some are one way directional travel only, such as the middle portion of the “Ring Creek Rip”. Please follow all signs, and always ride within your line of sight and under control, and expect oncoming traffic. There is no access to this area for ATV’s. Access from the “Ring Creek Rip” lower trailhead is the northern entry point to this network. The “Cookhouse Connector” is the southern entry point to this trail network, or riders may proceed north under the hydro lines for 2 km’s from the “Cookhouse Connector” trailhead, until they reach the lower trailhead of the “Blindside” Trail, the Northwest entry point of the network.

Trail System:

This riding area offers riding opportunities for the novice through advanced rider, with over 22 km’s of single track trails and some deactivated logging road spurs. The 2 staging (parking) areas described do not lend themselves to a quality camping experience, though if riders do stay overnight in these areas, please limit your stay, clean up after yourselves and pack out whatever you pack in.