I cant seem to find out where and when the rider schools are?? Am i blind? LOL. Can someone direct me to this info about the schools and there locations? Thanks!



Hi Pete,
I was thinking about taking my daughter to this, she's 13 and I just got her a new to her bike with a clutch that is also new to her. would these classes be good for the very early stages of beginner or should she know how to use a clutch first?
also are there trails around so I could ride while this goes on?
how about camping or hotels? anything close?

BCORMA Ride School & SODBC Fun Ride weekend

First clinic is scheduled for April/16th at OK Falls, with SODBC Creaky Bones Fun Ride to follow on Sunday. Mike Fetterer, Jaime Skinner, and Mark Cahill will be training kids and novice riders in the morning, and Intermediates and up riders in the afternoon, amping up your skills and preparing riders for the A & B loops of the SODBC's Creeky Bones Fun Ride on Sunday.

I'll be getting pre-registration up in the BCORMA Store soon, and will have maps, etc on the site.


Any ideas's as to if and when there might be any in the Fraser Valley or surrounding area's? Myself and a few other may be interested. thanks for the help.

Riding Schools in other locations

We can put on a school where there is decent terrain to teach, and at least 15 students per morning class, and 15 per afternoon class.  If we get mostly beginners or novices, then we will offer a full day of novice training.  Same goes for intermediate and up riders.  Mike will tailor the instruction to suit the students, making sure they have fun, are no overwhelmed, and take away good skills.

Let us know, and we will work on booking a date for you.


Just wondering if there are

Just wondering if there are any plans to hold one of these rider schools closer to the lower mainland. I'm in Vancouver and am not able to make it to the one in OK Falls next weekend. I'm new to riding and could benefit from a bit of instruction. Thanks.

Rider School for Lower Mainland?

Just checked the weather forecast up there and it is suppost to be sunny and 14 C for Friday & Saturday, with some clouds but no rain coming in for Sunday.  Better than the rain forecast for Vancouver.

Your best bet is to get some riders together and share the gas to get to Okanagan Falls for the weekend.  That way you benefit for this Spring & Summer riding season. 

We are working on a couple of dates for the Lower Mainland, but it won't likely be held until the Fall.  Dual Sport Bc is looking at hosting a Riders School for kids and its members.  Also Squamish Dirt bike Club is hoping to get something on the calendar, but with their main event pushed from the spring to the Fall, they may not be able to.

Hopefully see you there.


Hi Pete Just wondering if

Hi Pete

Just wondering if i'll be benefitting from the OK Falls learning clinic..I've got an up specced Xr250, or an XR400. I ride only trails, no track..Been riding a year, and enjoy Bear Creek and can ride most trails there, Lytton sees me steer clear of the Black trails. I've mountain biked for many years, but struggle on the tech dirt bike downhills (way slower than my MTB!)

Also, do you know the format of the ride the following day, ie how competitive/gnarly is it?



Suitability of school

Mike and the other instructors provide lots of one-on-one to help with each students needs.  All riding levels are welcome.  Everyone is helped to improve their riding and have more fun while doing it.

The school is for kids, novices on up to experts.  We can all use some coaching and training. From what you describe, you would greatly benefit from attending. 

I'll have pre-registation up in the BCORMA Store shortly.  We are also adding more dates in other areas of the Province.  I'll let everyone know about those classes and locations once they are firmed up.