MoT Road Closures and trail use reminders from BC Govt for May Long Weekend

Here is an e-mail that I received from the Ministry of Transportation, giving an update on the Greenstone Road.

Can you please forward to ALL members.

Also, please note that the Durand (off Tunkwa) is still closed.  I haven’t heard otherwise, so we are making the assumption that the Domenic cut off is still snowed in or far too wet to use.  So it appears for the first time, that I know of, the Duffy/Greenstone area is closed to campers and ORV users this weekend.

I am once again attaching the note asking users to stay off the ORV trails.  I could offically close them, but everyone is busy enough with flooding and May long weekend, that I don’t want to add that work load onto them.  Please stop peple from using the trail networks or I may have to consider that option.

With the recent rain/snow melt issues there are concerns of additional damage to the trail system and a chance of more wash outs, therefore, I am recommending that all ORV trails not be ridden on until soils begin to dry out.

I’m unsure of what the soil conditions are in the Greenstone/Duffy/Inks/Logan Lake area, but if riding continues this will create additional rutting and accelerate erosion, which will cause unnecessary damage to the trial network.  This will require much restoration when the soils have dried out.


Noelle Kekula

From: Schmidt, Alan B TRAN:EX
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 11:24 AM
To: ''
Cc: Nichol, Christine TRAN:EX; Dacho, Frank H TRAN:EX; Kekula, Noelle FLNR:EX; McQueen, John FLNR:EX; Schell, Steve E FLNR:EX; Fraser, Jennifer TRAN:EX; Pollard, Rachael E FLNR:EX; Schimpf, Graeme TRAN:EX
Subject: Greenstone Rd, Access to Duffy Lk, closed for May Long


Dear Dennis Rombough,

Hi Dennis, this is Alan Schmidt. I’m with the Ministry of Transportation and wanted to reach out to your club to update you on the status of Greenstone Rd for this weekend. We know it will NOT be open for this upcoming May long weekend, and thought you might want to make your members aware of that. We’re taking efforts to get the message out the best ways we can. We’re using the webpage as the most dynamic and up to date source of information for status of the roads that MoTI administers. Feel free to post that to your members or on any social media feeds you may have that may access a wider audience. Also, if you know of any other MC clubs from the lower mainland or anywhere else that may have people travelling to Duffy Lake or affected areas for this weekend – feel free to alert them as well, or to let me know of who to contact. That would be great.

If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Cheers,

Alan Schmidt

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Kamloops

250 319 5424