Getting ready for riding season!

Just pushed completely revised on-line trails map page to website. More data rolling in from Blue Mountain, Chipmunk, and other areas. Will keep updating as trail stewards get me new trails data.  BCORMA Trails app will be released from beta for this season to use on your Android phone in the backcountry.

Check it out: BCORMA online trail map

Oasis Insurance now offers both Platinum-Insured and Bronze-Insured Trail Passes, giving you rider-based insurance coverage, plus support BC dirt bike trails.  Platinum-Insured provides $2 million 3rd party liability, up from $1million, same price.  Bronze-Insured provides $500,000 in 3rd party insurance for those wanting a more economical solution.  Both support the trails you check-off. 

See BCORMA Store Trail Passes for more information and link to Oasis website get your insurance coverage today.