Provincial Government conceds to decals for Dirt Bikes and Sleds for November 1, 2015 ORV Registration

Hi Everybody,

So now for officially perhaps the worst-kept secret around, it is OFFICIAL that we will be using a sticker/decal system of ID'ing ORV's, and mandatory registration has been postponed until November 1st, 2015.

Sorry to have been so cagey about this, but it has been a long process, and subject to the confidentiality agreement. However, thanks to consistent pressure from motorized reps in all sectors, we are pleased to have achieved this concession.

We still have tonnes more work to do and will continue to need your support to press home to Government proper sizing and location of decal, and all the items we listed in our letter to the Premier - Compliance and Enforcement applying laws correctly, consistent education of ICBC brokers, proof of ownership and taxes paid documentation, and the establishment of an ORV Trails Fund like the hunters and fishers benefit from.

Read about it at the Government news site here, and thanks for your continued support,

Best, Ken McClelland, President BCORMA.