Provincial Government's voluntary ORV registration and the date for mandatory registration is now public! (revised)

BCORMA News Release – November 21, 2014
(revised December 02, 2014 due to Government staff demand)

Provincial Government's voluntary ORV registration and the date for mandatory registration is now public!

The ORV Act was passed in Spring 2014. The Government is now bringing in voluntary registration, with mandatory registration in 2015. The voluntary registration period started on November 17, 2014 and mandatory registration will start on June 1, 2015.

Ken McClelland (BCORMA President) and I have fought hard for the better part of a decade to get dirt bikers the best deal under the ORV Act. BCORMA continues to work on key details of the rules and regulations surrounding the ORV legislation. Many additional regulatory and policy components still need to be worked on prior to mandatory registration on June 1, 2015. This includes vehicle identification and insurance requirements for road crossings among others.

Plates are still an issue for dirt bikers and snowmobilers, and all MLA need to be made well aware of it. Ken and I are still pushing hard on the issue and thought we had gotten somewhere, but we have nothing but soft "we think we are doing this" discussions to go on.

We worked to get the best deal we could considering the Government's objectives and stance on core issues. What the Government wanted was safe and sustainable recreation on Crown Lands. Our job was to show them how we are are safe and sustainable.

BCORMA negotiated:

(This section has been deleted at Government staff demand.  We are not allowed to make public any item of discussion that was ever discussed in the JAG, including all the issues that BCORMA worked on on behalf of dirt bikers.  I have been expelled from the Off-Road Vehicle Joint Advisory Group without recourse due to these removed bullet points.

The continued clamp-down on public discussion and desenting opinion within the JAG will only be changed through riders demanding a more open and publically transparent process.  Contact your MLA and raise these issues along with decals as proper vehicle identification vs metal plates choosen by the Government)

Taxes have always legally been due on used and private sales, and the Government considers that non-negotiable. After a letter to the Deputy Minister and many discussions with the Ministry of Finance where we recommended a grace period from tax payment on used motorcycle sales, the Government has provided a window. Not close to what we recommended, but much better than their position that taxes were due on the value at the time of the transaction period.

My suggestion is that you contact preferably your MLA or the Government Manager of the file, and discuss your concerns and questions. You can reach your MLA at: BC MLA Finder or Vera at her included email signature below. BCORMA needs all dirt bikers to express their views directly to their MLA if we hope to have Government listen to our recommendations. With upwards of 15% of BC households having one or more ORV, we represent a large block of votes.

Give me a call in Williams Lake or Ken in Kamloops to discuss the ORV Act. If you prefer a more free-form discussion by BC dirt bikers, please go to BCORMA's Facebook page:

Because of BCORMA continuing Trail Pass Program, we have put $1000s of funds into off-road motorcycle trails. For 2015, we will be leading a $433,500 BCORMA Trails for Tomorrow trail works project across the BC. Vedder, Squamish, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Bear Creek, OK Falls, IOCO, Blue Mountain, to Bull Mountain at Williams Lake will be getting new and rehabilitated trails, staging areas, signage, and bridges. That's trails for your kid's kids to ride on.

We have some of the best riding in the world because of BCORMA's constant drive and the work of all our dedicated Directors and myself.

Peter Sprague, MSc.
Executive Director
BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association
250.398.5251 Williams Lake - summer
250.412.3444 Victoria – winter

Official BC Provincial Government information on their new ORV Act implementation

Here is the link to the ORV News release re voluntary registration et al:

The main ORV Management Framework webpage has been updated to include the new dates for voluntary and mandatory registration:

Note: here’s the weblink to the news release regarding the Off Road Vehicle Act achieving Royal Assent on March 24, 2014:

Attached is the final version of the bulletin that has now gone out to Law Enforcement and Safety - it is now a public document.

Attached ORV Sales Tax Bulletin is also public:

Vera Vukelich has asked us to direct any questions from members or the public about sales tax to Ministry of Finance’s toll free number at 1 877 388-4440 or they can email questions to 

Information is also available on this Ministry of Finance website:

Stakeholder associations can contact Joel Fairbairn directly at Consumer Taxation Programs Branch, at 250 387-1118 or by email at

The Government has asked for all media queries to be directed to:

Greig Bethel
Media Relations
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Phone: 250 356-5261

All other concerns or questions should be addressed to your MLA or Vera Vukelich, Manager, Land Policy and Programs.

Vera Vukelich | Manager, Land Policy and Programs | Land Tenures Branch | Tenures, Competiveness and Innovation Division | Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations | PO Box 9308 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9J2| Location: 4th Fl - 780 Blanshard St | PH: 250 356-7040; BB: removed @ Vera demand FX: 250 356-6791