Chiiliwack Recreation Advisory Group helping Regional Recreation Officer get more done

Getting great things done in BC's trail community requires collaboration, and in Chilliwack Valley they are getting it done!

Three main riding areas, fisher trails, dual sport trails, hard-core mountain bike trails, horse trails, Trans-Canada Trails, campsites, staging areas.  Its all managed by the Regional Recreation Officer Mike Peters with help from all the trail groups.

Wally Klammer, BCORMA Director & Chipmunk Creek Trail Riders & Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club , sits on the Chilliwack Recreational Advisory Group.  Here is his report:

The Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group is unique in British Columbia, as the Recreation Officer meets regularly with representatives of hiking, equestrian, mountain bike, ATV, snowmobile, kyack & canoe, naturalist, dirt bike and 4x4 clubs, to discuss ways to better the sport for all user groups. Everyone learns more about the needs of other groups, and how a little give and take and mutual respect can go a long way. The Recreation Officer saves a lot of time by getting a clear picture, directly from the people most involved, of how best to allocate limited resources. The Recreation Officer also gets a  lot of volunteer labor from club members, and even cash donations. (Motorcycle and ATV clubs donated $16,000 towards the staging areas at the Rapids and Tamahi.)

Could other Forest Districts in B.C. benefit from setting up similar advisory groups? Something for Clubs and other Associations to consider.


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