2010 GVMC Piston Run- Chipmunk Creek, chilliwack bc

It's coming soon to Chipmunk Creek! The GVMC's annual Off-road point series event, the Piston Run is nearing ready. The trail is now complete except for a last minute clean up and marking with arrows and ribbon, and we are excited to be hosting this heritage event. Around since the 1940's, this challenging trail event will be held on Fathers Day June 20th at Chipmunk Creek. Thats 33 kilometers east of Vedder crossing in Chilliwack on the chilliwack lake road, left on the foley creek, cross the bridge and left onto the chipmunk bench road for about 3-4 k's. Follow the (usually black and orange) signs in. The start/finish, same place as the last few years, up the Thurston road at the 1km mark.

The good news is BCORMA has signed the trails for bike or other motorized vehicle use. There is a new campsite closer to the start finish and this makes it easier to access the routes by bike. Next to the campsite there is a new youth riding circuit for the kids learning their chops. 

The GVMC Trail crew has been up there nearly every weekend making prep for the big day and would love to see as many people see the ride as participate in the run.  We are expecting upward of 150 riders plus. There will bbq food and drink for sale including hamburgers and coffee and other foods fit for hungry riders and attendees.

Remember! We are 96 db or less and if we pack it in we pack it out.

I personally rode over 22 kilometers of the run, (which is not not all of it) and am excited to see this ride go. Bring your "A" game, bring your guts and bring your hunger and your cameras, this is going to be one wild day!

We look forward to seeing you out there and having fun!