2010 BCORMA Platinum - Insured Trail Pass with $1 million liability insurance is now available

We now have all the approvals to provide riders with our 2010 BCORMA Platinum - Insured Trail Pass. It is available on-line from the BCORMA site (http://bcorma.ca), and provides $1 million of 3rd party liability insurance from Oasis, along with a Platinum Trail Pass that shows your commitment to summer motorized trails in British Columbia.

Many areas we ride have Forest Service Roads passing through the riding area. Whether these are deactivated or not, under the law, we are required to have a minimum of $200,000 3rd party liability insurance to ride on or cross over these FSRs. The BCORMA Platinum - Insured offers a easy visible solution that is far cheaper than a fine from the local C&E or RCMP.

It was designed to insure the rider, not the machine, so you can use it with numerous bikes. Even when you borrow a bike, you will be covered. Put the sticker on your helmet, and carry your printed invoice to show your friendly C&E Officer.

Please inform other riders you know that this important coverage is available through BCORMA. Any questions, please email insurance@bcorma.ca