Ride BC ride guide improvements for 2010

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are adding to and revamping our ride guide so you can get more information so you spend more time riding and less time figuring things out.

The new maps for Hope, Blue Mountain, Bear Creek, Vedder Mountain, Tansky, Chipmunk, Monro Creek (Peachland), and Kamloops are coming over the next few weeks as we finalize our drafts for 2010.

Let me know what information is priority for you as riders, and we will work to get it up here.

Peter Sprague, MSc.
Executive Director
BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association



Just want to say thanks for all the hard work you guys have done in Kamloops and Squamish. Its great to see  all the marked trails and maintenance that has been done, as well as the new stuff! $30 is more than reasonable to donate to such a good project. Ive sent links to BCORMA's site and Facebook site to all my riding buddies and hope they all join as well. Keep up the good work!!! - Lance

Just wanted to say thanks for

Just wanted to say thanks for the new staging areas at Vedder Mountain