ORV Act Implementation: Systemic deficiencies require moratorium of registration implementation

BCORMA has sent a letter to current Government Ministers and the Premier outlining why the Government implementation of the ORV Act vehicle registration needs to be put on hold.  There are serious issues in how this is being rolled out, and we now have less than two months before mandatory ORV registration in BC.

ORV Registration Errors Costing Riders Real $$$ - We Need Your Stories

BCORMA needs everyone's' reports on their attempts at registration and any information that was provided by the broker(s). Please reach out to anyone you know with a dirt bike, quad, SxS, or sled and that have attempted or been successful under the volunteer ORV registration program.

ORV Act Implementation: Current 5x8 metal plates vehicle identification is inoperable

BCORMA is advocating to BC Government that decals are the only viable solution for ORV vehicle identification under the ORV Act. Please read our position brief, and provide copies to your MLA.

It is very important that MLA and Ministers hear the perspective from the riding community. This is directly affecting us, and we are the experts because we ride and experience dirt bikes and other ORV.

Pass along to other riders, club members, and your MLA and their Assistants.

Any questions, please email


Call to Action for all Canadian Motorcyclists!!! Please complete the MCC Online Survey.

Call to Action for all Motorcyclists!!! Please click the logo and complete the MCC Online Survey.

2015 BCORMA Dirt Bike School MSF New Rider courses set for April 18th and May 2nd

Mike Fetterer, BCORMA MSF Coach, is excited to be teaching new riders all the basics to be a safe rider and having a great time on a dirt bike.

Bear Creek is a great facility, and Honda Canada - Penticton Honda and Valley MotoSport have partnered with BCORMA to provide student dirt bikes for the course. 

Guide to meeting and sharing your passion for ORV sports with your MLA

Here is a bullet list to help guide you in meeting your MLA successfully.

It is intended as a guide, not a cookbook to follow methodically. Pick the bullets that apply.

Email me if you want to bounce ideas or need help:

  1. Find your MLA at BC MLA Finder:
  2. Call and make an appointment
  3. Be prepared to offer a key point of why you want to meet your MLA, aka your discussion focus


Provincial Government's voluntary ORV registration and the date for mandatory registration is now public! (revised)

BCORMA News Release – November 21, 2014
(revised December 02, 2014 due to Government staff demand)

Provincial Government's voluntary ORV registration and the date for mandatory registration is now public!

The ORV Act was passed in Spring 2014. The Government is now bringing in voluntary registration, with mandatory registration in 2015. The voluntary registration period started on November 17, 2014 and mandatory registration will start on June 1, 2015.

Chipmunk Creek Trail Ride and Fun Run Coming This Weekend - Sunday September 7th 2014

The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club is hosting a Trail Ride and Fun Run at the famous Chipmunk Creek riding area.  For those that have not ridden at Chipmunk, it is great Coastal single-track experience.

Great trails, all fixed up by Wally and Chipmunk Creek Trail Riders crew special for this trail ride.  Includes PeeWee, B short, and B long loops.  Have all the fun of an arrowed marked course, with no pressure of the Piston Run.

Thompson Rivers ORV Strategy survey

A survey has just been posted re ORV Strategy in the Thompson Rivers Region, please clink the link to participate and have input into the future of our sport.

Soft Opening for the Tamihi Staging Area is set for the Canada Day Weekend

Soft Opening for the Tamihi Staging Area is set for the Canada Day Weekend

Tamihi Off Road Motorised Staging Area


Members clubs of ATVBC (Right Nuts ATV) and BCORMA (DualSportBC / GVMC) had over 40 volunteers donate over 250 hours this past weekend to prepare the area for use by all off road motorised users.

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