Revised Vedder Mapbook posted in Ride BC riding guide

Hi Everyone,

I've revised the Vedder mapbook and posted it up on the Vedder maps page.  It now includes Section 3 that was missing from the original.

I'll work with the Vedder Mountain Trails Association to get the Vedder maps updated to include parking location, and other infromation that has been requested.

New Trail Maps are up in the Ride BC ride guide

Hi Everyone,

Just in time for the July long weekend, I've put up new maps along with complete map books for Chipmunk, Nickle Mine, Tansky, and Vedder.  Blue Mountain, Squamish, Peachland, and Kamloops maps are to followat the end of July once our cartographer gets back from her 6 weeks field research around Waddington.

West Harrison FSR closure for bridge repairs

From the Provincial Government (Please pass along the infromation):


BCORMA Platinum Pass

Moto Safety

Trail Maintenance...

Less Sound = More Ground

What is BCORMA and what do you really do with the trail pass money?

Questions from a fellow rider and BCORMA Trail Pass holder via email:

BCORMA Facebook group is up

For those that would rather get their news from Facebook, BCORMA has a Facebook group.

Use it to start discussions, let us know what is important to you, ask questions, share photos, and help other dirt bikers keep up on what is going on around BC in the dirt bike world.

Its there for everyone to use.



McNutt and Bear Creek Vids

The government has done their job and they did it first, giving money to clubs and riding areas all over the province! Now it is our turn to show how much we love our sport by giving back and buying a BCORMA Trail Pass with Liability (BCORMA PLATINUM PASS)

Have a wicked riding season!

McNutt Vid

Bear Creek Vid

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