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What is BCORMA and what do you really do with the trail pass money?

Questions from a fellow rider and BCORMA Trail Pass holder via email:

BCORMA Facebook group is up

For those that would rather get their news from Facebook, BCORMA has a Facebook group.

Use it to start discussions, let us know what is important to you, ask questions, share photos, and help other dirt bikers keep up on what is going on around BC in the dirt bike world.

Its there for everyone to use.



McNutt and Bear Creek Vids

The government has done their job and they did it first, giving money to clubs and riding areas all over the province! Now it is our turn to show how much we love our sport by giving back and buying a BCORMA Trail Pass with Liability (BCORMA PLATINUM PASS)

Have a wicked riding season!

McNutt Vid

Bear Creek Vid

2010 BCORMA Platinum - Insured Trail Pass with $1 million liability insurance is now available

We now have all the approvals to provide riders with our 2010 BCORMA Platinum - Insured Trail Pass. It is available on-line from the BCORMA site (, and provides $1 million of 3rd party liability insurance from Oasis, along with a Platinum Trail Pass that shows your commitment to summer motorized trails in British Columbia.


South Island Motorized Recreation Advisory Council (SIMRAC)

May 16, 2010


For immediate release:

2010 Funding for Trail Stewardship

Thanks to everyone, BCORMA and our clubs spent over $2.4 million on trails stewardship in 2009 to give you better parking, new bridges, fixed up or new trails, new maps, signs to help you find your way around, and generally a great time riding.

The latest Federal budget was devoid of any funding for trails. The National Trails Coalition requested another $25 million from the $1 billion Infrastructure Funds that were not spent in 2009. Their request was flatly turned down, even though we did great work in 2009, performing to much higher levels than the Government departments.

BC ORV Framework development

A large amount of riders have questions around the coming ORV Framework. The framework will be addressing license and registration issues first, and is expected to be in place by November 2011.

Attached is the most recent overview published by the Government. This work is an out growth of the ORV Coalition's seven years of work to have our sports legitimized by Government. Please read it to give yourself a background on the subject.

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