Chipmunk Creek Trail Riders News - upcoming work party, new staging area

Hi guys

Lots going on at Chipmunk Creek this summer.

PISTON RUN This is the event that built the riding area. Every spring since 1986, volunteers have put in countless hours grooming the trails and adding new sections, which are open to the public the rest of the year. This year's race was held June 9, and was epic. Report and lots of pictures at

JUNGLE TRAILS The Right Nuts ATV Club have cleared some old trails and added some new ones at an area between 8 and 9 km west of the Rapids, off the Bench Road. Signs started going up on the July long weekend, and bikes are welcome on ATV trails. (Most single track is way too narrow for quads, look for signs before entering.) Check out photo 032...that looks interesting. Remember that ATV's and bikes need insurance to run the Bench Road.

STAGING AREA The logging show at photo P6250143 turned into the staging area/parking lot at DSC04443, at the Rapids Recreation Site. We're working on linking up to the Kid's Loop in the campsite, as well as getting site furnishings installed. There is a WORK PARTY called for SATURDAY JULY 27 on site, starting at 9:00am. We need volunteers to help set up signage, picnic tables, fire pits, a loading ramp for bikes and ATV's, and information kiosks. There should be a Bobcat on site and generators to run the power tools. This should be a fun day getting the site ready for the August Long Weekend, and the upcoming Grand Opening. This is your chance to participate in building a quality, motorized riding area.

CHIPMUNK CREEK TRAIL RIDE Circle September 8th on your calendar for this fun motorcycle event! The ride will be held in conjunction with the Official Grand Opening of the Rapids Staging Area. More details to follow in August.


Wally Klammer

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