Tansky Main directions and access

Directions to Tansky Main Riding Area & parking

From Victoria, head west on Hwy 14 through Sooke  to Jordan River (approx 30 km from Sooke to Jordan River. Note: stock up on supplies in Sooke. Continue west on Hwy 14 for about 3 km past Jordan River, take the major logging road on the right (directly across from China Beach Provincial Park entrance).  Drive up Jordan River North Main logging road for about 500 ft to the new parking area on your right.  Watch for gravel and log haul trucks coming out.

The Jordan Main access road is controlled by Western Forest Products, and is closed during the week for log hauls. There is active logging north of Tansky off the N500. So limit your use of the haul roads to the weekends, or be very careful for log haul trucks on the mainline.

Riding Area access from Parking area

Head out the backside of the parking area (NE corner) over the cordoroy and up the wide novice trail to the bridge (bridges are 50 inches wide and were designed for off-road motorcycles and ATVs).  Continue over the bridge and up the narrower trail to the skid road.  Take in the views of the Olympic Mountains in Washington across the Juan de Fuca Strait from here, and soak up the sun as you get above the summer fog down below.

Intermediate and up riders continue acrpss skid road and follow trail over two more bridges, follow trail to easy gravel sections, staying left at junctions up through the clear-cut.  When you get to the big puddle, go through slowly.  It is about 10 inches deep with a solid bottom.  Continue on up into the forest and out to the JR Main road.  Access the various trail system entrances from there.  Consult your maps.

Novice riders instead should turn left at the skid road and follow it out to the mainline (FSR).  Turn right & go up the hill to the yellow gate, and go around the right side of the gate.  You are now at the bottom SE corner of the Tansky trail network.  Consult your maps.  Be very careful for trucks coming and going on this section of the mainline.  There is good visability, but be safe and ride to right.

To access the main infeed trail to the riding area, head up Jordan River Road for maybe 2 km to just past the 65 tonne bridge. Look for a trail on your left into the bush. This is the start of Tansky Main.

Be Safe

If you insist on accessing this area during during WPF active haul hours (M thru F 6:30am to 5:00 pm): Do not go up the hill beyond where it is narrow and steep. Don't go higher up the Jordan North Main than the Jordan Main gate. It is narrow, twisty and steep, leaving little room for safety. Watch for loaded trucks coming out at speed. Be ready to go into the ditch and get out of their way. Be safe and don't get us kicked out of the area. Enough said.