New Trail Maps are up in the Ride BC ride guide

Hi Everyone,

Just in time for the July long weekend, I've put up new maps along with complete map books for Chipmunk, Nickle Mine, Tansky, and Vedder.  Blue Mountain, Squamish, Peachland, and Kamloops maps are to followat the end of July once our cartographer gets back from her 6 weeks field research around Waddington.

The complete package consists of several mb of 300dpi maps including: overview, index, legend, and all the zoomed in detail maps.  The maps you view on the webpages are low resolution for loading speed.  The zoomed in maps include the trail segment numbers that correspond to the newly installed trail marker stakes, helping you plan your route and navigate.

Get out and play.  Be safe, and consider all the other users on the trails.


Kamloops Maps????

Trail markers have been in stalled (I was out in the Chewells Mtn. area in late June). It's almost Oct. and still no maps are available. Would be nice if markers let you know where you are going, it would also be nice to match up to a map. You aren't creating very good stewardship by promoting people getting lost. I've invested in a GPS instead of your disappointing on-line club.

Kamloops maps

Sorry that you are disappointed in our seeming lack of performance.  Try giving me a call or emailing me directly next time to discuss.

The Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association are the trail stewards for this area, and they are working on the maps with BCORMA.  When they are to the quality that is needed, BCORMA will post them.  Kent of the GKMA is a RPF and knows what is required in the maps, but volunteers almost all his time.  Rather than just complain, why don't you contribute time & effort to the GKMA to get the maps produced for everyone to use.  Put that new GPS to good use, and learn something from a RPF.

If you have never produced accurate maps before and/or worked with GIS, then you do not have a clue as to the time and effort it takes to produce quality cartography.  BCORMA has invested over $100,000 in surveying and mapping dirt bike trails across BC, plus untold amounts of volunteer hours.  We and our partners spent over $2.4 million last year on trails rehabilitation, bridges, signs, maps, ecological studies in sensitive watersheds to protect against closure, staging area developments, and new trail developments.

As to us being an only on-line club, we are BC's off-road motorcycle Provincial Federation that is right out there on the front line.  Our 20 Directors are from most of the ORM clubs across BC.  Our mandate, as stated on the front page, is to make sure you have great trails to ride on all across this Province.  That takes constant viligence and land access negotiations so we don't loss our areas to ride to other recreation groups, changes in Provincial Government policy, resource companies, parks, or municipal governments.  All so you can ride.

So volunteer to help, rather than just complain about your own need not being met right when you want it.  We have 50,000 riders that we work for to make BC the best place to ride in the world.

Peter Sprague, MSc.
Executive Director


Hi Peter,


Great site that I've stumbled upon. Glad to chip in $30 for the year, and I'll be back next year. Am I missing something obvious? How do I DL the maps? 

Thanks, and looking forward to getting out to all the riding areas!


Downloading riding area maps

To download the maps log-in -> go to the BCORMA "Ride BC" ride guide main page [ see top menu tab] -> pick the area of the Province that interests you, ex. Lower Mainland -> go to the riding area, ex, Vedder Mtn -> look for the Vedder Mtn maps link -> view the low resolution on-line maps or download the high resolution map book in pdf format that has all the maps of the riding area.  If you are not signed in, you will only see the low resolution overview map of the trails.

Maps are coded for skill, trail type as in single-track ORM only, technical quad, or quad friendly [Note: nothing against quaders, just that certain trails, ie single-track, were not built for quads and you will not have fun and the trail will become heavily damaged.]

Hope that helps.

Enjoy the riding, and thanks for contributing the cash towards trail stewardship.

Peter Sprague, MSc.
Executive Director