National Off-Road Council working to support Dirt Biking across Canada

Your Provincial Off-Road Motorcycle Federations from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia met over this past weekend in Toronto. We brainstormed on ways to make dirt biking in Canada even more fun for families and approachable for new riders.

As the Off-Road Council of the Motorcycle Council of Canada (MCC), our focus over the next five years will be:

  • Growth - introduce new riders to sport with MSF DirtBike School training - women, youth, returning riders, ADV riders
  • Sustainable Trails - Delivering NOHVCC "Great Trails" workshops across Canada
  • Youth Safety Education - Develop and deliver a national school-based safety education program
  • Advocate for Canadian dirt biking - as an inclusive healthy outdoor family recreation
  • Sharing information and experiences across Provincial Federations to grow our sport
  • Consistant Legislation across Canada that benefits dirt biking - MCC policy statements and expert guidance for Government staff