ORV Trails Fund

Hope everyone had a great summer!

Update on what we are working on as we head into the Fall

  • ORV Trails Fund
    • BC Power Sports Coaltion (ATVBC, BCORMA, BCSF) are working hard to make sure we manage the anticipated ORV Trail Funds for our trails
    • ORV Trails Fund was hinted at as part of the original legislation once ICBC had recovered their implementation costs (~$500,000, recovered plus) but has not been implemented yet
    • Need to keep this issue front and centre in order to guard against Government Departments lining up to re-direct these new funds to other projects.
    • Provincial Trails Advisory Board (PTAB) wants to manage the funds. PTAB was created by BC Recreation Sites and Trails in partnership with Outdoor Recreation Council. BC Powersports Federations including BCORMA have no permanent seats on the PTAB, therefore no ability to directly have a say in funds allocations, with most members coming from the non-motorized trails community
    • We expect $8 per registration to be going into BC ORV Trails Fund
    • We want to hear from all riders on who and how your ORV registration fees are to be going back to trails
      • Do we make this an election issue?
      • Do you want BCPSC managing your registration money for our trails?