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BCORMA News RSS feed recently cracked - Now fixed

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about BCORMA's news feed being the source of 5 or 6 bogus news items from a spammer. Somehow the spammer defeated our CAPTCHA security for the first time. Thanks to Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club for notifying me right away.

BCORMA June 2012 Newsletter

Read Wally's June Newsletter.  Its attached to this blog and your email if you got it in that form.

Nicola Valley Dirt Riders Family Fun Ride this coming Father's Day weekend

The Nicola Valley Dirt Riders are a new Dirt Bike club located in the Merritt/Nicola Valley area. Merritt is located about 1 hr drive north of Hope via Hwy #5 or Hwy #1.

Insurance Inspections at Squamish

Squamish - Insurance compliance update: Sat May 27 & Sun May 28th at the Forest Service Road ( FSR) known as the Mamquam.

On both days Provincial Conservation Officers (CO) asked for proof of insurance. The officers were peaceful, and friendly. Both times I was asked, my motorcycle was still in my truck, and hadn't been ridin yet. , I guess there is a presumption that you are going to ride on the FSR, although you can acess the trail head without being on the FSR if you know the area, i dont think the trails require insurance.

BCORMA Trail Stewards hard at work at Chipmunk

Get your 2012 BCORMA Trail Pass in the BCORMA Store or from a club.

Support all the trail works being done out there so you can have a great ride.

Get to your local KTM dealer and support trails in BC!

Get to your local KTM dealer and support trails in BC!

KTM will provide $10 to the BCORMA Trail Stewardship Fund for every rider who goes to their local KTM dealer, has a coffee and looks at the new line-up. Just print of the attached coupon and take it to a KTM dealer near you. Nothing to buy.

First BCORMA Fun Ride of the season coming up at OK Falls

First BCORMA Fun Ride of the season - 2012 Creaky Bones Fun Ride Sunday April/16th at OK Falls

Click on the poster to enlarge for more details & directions.

First BCORMA Ride School and Fun Ride weekend of the season coming up!

First BCORMA Ride School and Fun Ride weekend of the season coming up!

The weekend of April/15th is BCORMA's Rider School and Recreational Trail Ride weekend at Ok Falls, north of Osoyoos, BC.

7th Annual DSBC Spring Newbie Ride & Social this Sunday

Its that time of year again

7th Annual DSBC Spring Newbie Ride & Social

Get your bike ready and join us

Complete information follow this link to the DSBC site

When: Sunday March 25th, 2012

Where: Chilliwack, British Columbia (only one hour East of Vancouver): Tamihi Staging Area just off Chilliwack Lake Road. (Corner of Chilliwack Lake Road and Tamihi Liumchen FSR)

Cost: FREE (but we ask riders to have a 2012 BCORMA TrailPass)

Trails BC, ATVBC, BCORMA, and the Province working together to create mixed-use trail network across BC

As many of you know, there has major conflict around summer-motorized enjoyment of the TransCanada Trail rail trails for years. This has escilated to where ATVBC, Trails BC, Provincial trails managers and their Assistant Deputy Minister, and I meet in a basement cement room for 8hrs to hammer out steps to solutions.

We have agreed to using a Respect-Based model, where all trail users acknowledge others wants for a quality trail experience. A tool-kit was developed, and we decided on two sections of the TCT to move our model onto the ground.

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